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What we do

Simplifying onboard catering.

Fixed Victualling Rate

We would agree with you a fixed victualling rate for your vessels we will then deliver to this at the rate set and provide monthly reports on the vessels performance against the budgeted rate


Due to our depth of experience in working in the outsourced marine catering industry we can put this to good use in understanding what is required when requests are made by both vessel and office as well as delivering on this to the standard required


We have an extensive world wide data base of over 400 ship suppliers servicing over 700 ports and with our already experienced fleet account managers they can source the items requested at the quality that is required as well as the price

Stock Control

We maintain these onboard to workable levels on each and very vessel, this then assists with stock rotation, ordering of provisions and inventory reporting

Reduction on administration

With our fleet account managers in place they look after the end to end process of the provisions request. They will coordinate with both supplier, agents and Master as well as exploring options to consolidate deliveries with other stores that the vessel may have. This will free up our clients procurement and purchasing departments time to attend those more complex of tasks

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